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Striped Bass

Introduced to the California Delta near Martinez California after being transported from the Navesink River in New Jersey in 1879. Stripers are the 2nd most popular game fish in the Delta.

Economic Impact

Fish & Game report states NorCal Anglers in 31 counties generated $470+ million dollars pursuing Striped Bass and 4 other species of fish between 2010 to 2013 in the Delta.

Large Mouth Bass

Introduced into California from Quincy, Illinois into Lake Cuyamaca (San Diego County) in 1891, Large Mouth Bass are the number one game fish sought after in the California Delta.


Large Mouth Bass Fishing Tips

Striped Bass Fishing Tips


Large Mouth Bass fishing has been a popular form of fishing in the United States for well over 100 years, but it was not as popular as fly fishing for Trout, Salmon and Small Mouth Bass for a long time.

Then in the early 19th Century more and more anglers began using fly fishing lures to catch Large Mouth Bass. 

As time passed various lures were created specifically for Large Mouth Bass fishing and this change was followed up with an increased use in rods and reels designed specifically for Large Mouth Bass fishing. 

These changes along with the invention of several additional new lures created to catch Large Mouth Bass late in the 19th Century and early 20th Century has led to a consistent and steady increase in the popularity of Large Mouth Bass fishing throughout the United States and several other countries around the world.

Striped Bass which were originally only located along the Eastern United States Atlantic Coast from the Carolinas to Nova Scotia are now roaming the waters of the West Coast, the California Delta and several freshwater lakes in California.

Sought after for their sweet tasting meat the Striped Bass is a beautiful fish. Its’ streamlined, silvery body marked with dark longitudinal stripes running from behind its’ gills to the base of its’ wide tail, makes the Striped Bass a hard fighting, fun fish to catch.  

And just like the Large Mouth Bass, Striped Bass fishing has grown in popularity in the United States as well.

Today Large Mouth Bass and Striped Bass fishing are both Multi-Billion dollar industries that continue to thrill and entertain anglers from coast to coast every day.  

In the California Delta and the surrounding rivers in Northern California, Large Mouth Bass and Striped Bass fishing can be done all year from the San Francisco Bay up to and beyond the Sacramento area.

Also, we can’t forget an important point which is that despite the fact that the Large Mouth Bass and Striped Bass do not feed as actively during the winter as they do in the the Spring, Summer and Fall time frames.  

Anglers can still catch both species of fish during the winter months once you learn how to do it and know what to look for.

Be forewarned once you learn how to catch Large Mouth Bass and Striped Bass on a regular basis, you may become addicted to Bass fishing like the rest of us.  

So be prepared for the wife and kids to complain you’re fishing too much once you get hooked but, understand those complaints will turn to grins when they see all the fish you are bringing home for dinner.  

Now everyone knows Catch and Release is a big deal amongst some anglers but, you have to admit bringing home a fish here and there is a healthy thing for the fish population and for you the angler who likes to eat fish.  

Have fun out on the water, be smart, be safe and obey all applicable Fish and Game and Boating rules while fishing.


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