A Weak Link In Your Fishing Gear

A weak link in your fishing gear
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No matter how many times you think you have everything covered when it comes to your fishing tackle. It’s amazing when you find a weak link in your fishing gear. Fishing tackle that you thought was perfect suddenly has a glaring weakness that must be corrected.

Years ago I didn’t really look at my gear as tools like I do today. Tools that help me catch Bass.  Back then I got what looked good not what was of the highest quality. I did not understand what a mistake that was going to be until years later.  But, listen to what I am about to tell you so you can avoid my pain.

Buy quality gear from day one.

Then check your gear often, look a see if you are using the correct gear for your type of fishing.  If not you may find yourself blaming the tackle company when it was your fault for selecting the wrong gear or maybe you decided against modifying your gear correctly.  Or worse yet, you didn’t even know you needed to modify your gear.

Look at your current fishing rod setup.

Can you see a weak link in your fishing gear?

Look again, look at your split rings on your lure. Is it a high quality split ring? If everything else is of the highest quality your split ring is your weak link.

I know from experience about weak split rings. I have had 5 big Stripers open up 30 and 40 # rated split rings. These were new upgraded split rings too, but they weren’t much better apparently than the stock split rings the lures came with.  And yes, in case you ask I did loosen up my reel drag.  But here is the thing I did not realize my split rings had opened up on me until I got home and did a quick post fishing gear check.

Something I do after every fishing trip by the way, it’s nothing extensive but I try to fix any equipment issues when I get home and before I forget.  Nothing worse than heading out for a last minute fishing trip and your gear is not ready to roll too.

Anyway, now I have begun to replace my current split rings out with salt water rated Owner Hyper Wire Split rings the past few weeks. You should get some also, why let a weak split ring ruin a fun day.

Look at your rod from reel to the end of your lure. Look for a weak link in your fishing gear. Then replace it as quick as you can. So When that big fish bites you can fight them like a pro and land that fish with out worrying if your fishing gear will fail.

Don’t forget to get rid of your old lure split rings and replace them with Owner Hyperwire Split rings.

Take care,


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