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Percy Delta Large Mouth BassThank you and Welcome to CalBassFishingFanatics.com, my name is Percy I designed and created this website first and foremost to share my love of Bass fishing with you and anyone else who has even the slightest interest in Bass fishing.

This site will be focused on Large Mouth Bass and Striped Bass fishing for now, eventually I plan to add in some information about Salmon fishing down the road.

I want to share my fishing experiences with you to help you become a better fisherman as I become a better fisherman.  So this is a journey we will take together so to speak, hopefully learning from each other along the way.

The amount of information one needs to learn to catch fish in the California Delta and the many lakes within a few hours drive of the State Capital of Sacramento in Northern California can be overwhelming.

I know I’ve been there, done that for quite a while early on during my time fishing here in Northern California.

But, if you’re willing to put in the time to learn on the water, do some searching online and talk to other fishermen.  And then actually do those very things you have learned you will start to see your knowledge and fish catching ratio go up.  

I know because that’s what happened to me.   I came to Northern California after spending seven years in the U.S. Air Force and became fascinated with all of the available fishing destinations in the Sacramento area.

I’ve fished several of the local lakes and the Sacramento River but, nothing has caught my interest more than the California Delta once I found out about it.  

I like many of you was a Delta and surrounding lakes novice with zero knowledge about even the most basic stuff regarding fishing in Northern California. I brought a fishing license, loaded up the SUV at the time and started hitting up the lakes and rivers.  

I probably got sunburned and bit more often by bugs than I did by fish for quite a while.  It wasn’t fun at all but I knew I was learning so I wasn’t frustrated.

Determined I could do better I started going to local fishing seminars, surfing the Internet more for fishing related information, buying magazines, etc., etc., etc.  

I started buying better fishing gear and matching up my rods and reels according to the techniques I was trying to learn and then a strange thing happened one day a few years ago.

Whopper plopper striped bassI started catching fish, a few at first and they were small then I started catching a lot of fish and they grew in size.  I went from getting skunked to catching close to 20 Large Mouth Bass one day to over 45 Striped Bass on a different day out on the Delta and it has been like that for as few years now.  

No I don’t crush em like that everyday but my days of coming home with zero catches has dropped dramatically.

Did I do anything special?  Nope all I did was took what I had learned and applied it out on the water, now I see and understand things that were always in front of me but I wasn’t at the right place mentally to see them before let alone utilize the information.

No I don’t know it all, only a fool would say that, I am still learning everyday whether or not I am catching fishing but now everyday is an adventure and I am having fun.

And because I like to fish and I see so many people struggling to catch fish on a regular basis like I did at one time and honestly still do sometimes.  I want to share some of what I have learned and still am learning with you on this website.  

If you like to fish, want to learn how to fish for Large Mouth Bass or Striped Bass flip through my blog section and read what I am sharing here.   I am sure if you use the information and are open minded your fish catching ratio will increase.

Understand upfront I will make some recommendations for various products and provide links to those products that may result in me getting a commission from the company selling those products.  

But, let me be clear right now I don’t like people who are dishonest and tend to BS me, I will only recommend fishing gear and products I use today or have used in the past.

There’s nothing worse than someone recommending crap or pushing crap on other folks that they themselves have never even used or doesn’t work.

I have spent several thousand dollars of my own money over the past few years to buy the very fishing gear (rods, reels, lures, truck) etc. that you will see in my posts.  

Being honest, ethical and upfront without being rude is a big deal with me.  So if I have not used it or tested it, it’s not gonna be on this site from me.

With that out of the way Welcome again and I look forward to seeing your comments and hearing about your success on the water.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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