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Absolute Killer Striper Fishing Setup

Absolute Killer Striper Fishing Setup

I have had a good deal of success Striper fishing this Summer and Fall. I have decided it’s time to share with you what I have been doing. Here is a FREE REPORT I put together I think you will enjoy. I call it an “Absolute Killer Striper Fishing Setup” because that is exactly what this setup has been for me this season.

I have caught more Stripers using this setup than anything I have done in the past few years. Using this setup has been unreal. I am finding myself mad now when I have this gear with me and the stripers are not around. Because I know once I find a school of Stripers in a given area it’s game on.

Don’t let the name of this report, cover image, etc block you from requesting this free report. I have spent several years gaining the knowledge I now have and am will to share with your for FREE. Ofter times we come across things that work and we fail to share them with others out of fear that too many other people will take something away from us.

I don’t like to think like that, I once read the following quote that i really agree with that stated, “Knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted”. There are so many Stripers in the California Delta, the many local lakes all around the country I could not possibly catch them all. So why not share what I have learned it may be the different in you having a good day or a great day out fishing for Stripers.


Absolute Killer Striper Fishing Setup

And do not be surprised if you manage to catch a few Large Mouth Bass using this setup. The Large Mouth Bass really hit this setup hard as well. Over time you will begin to see why I decided to call this report an “Absolute Killer Striper Fishing Setup”.

You have to opt in to get my FREE REPORT but, it is worth the effort. Once you read this report and USE the information in it you will understand why I am so excited and could not hold this information to myself any longer.

Go ahead and click the link below and get a copy TODAY and start catching more Striped Bass this week.



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