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Lucky Craft Pencil Popper Lure

Pencil Poppers lures & Striped Bass

Pencil Poppers lures & Striped Bass This is a reprint of an old post but it is still relevant today. Twelve months ago I brought my first Lucky Craft Gunfish pencil popper type lure. I use to think they cost way too much and believe me they are pricey. But,

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Henry's 30 Striped Bass
Striped Bass

30 LB California Delta Striped Bass

A Friend of mine’s pulled this 30 LB Striped Bass pulled from California Delta using a Zara Spook and 15 lb Big Game Mono. It takes some skills, luck and patience to get monster Bass like this on light line. Way to Go Bro!

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8.5lb Cal Delta Large Mouth Bass
Bass Fishing

8.5lb California Delta Large Mouth Bass

8.5lb California Delta Large Mouth Bass We’ve all heard friends of ours talk about all of the fish they catch year after year.  As for me I get my share of bass when I go out fishing.  But, there are always folks often wonder? Does this dude really get all of

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Bass Fishing

Take Yourself or Family Fishing

Take Yourself or Family Fishing it’s way past that time already.  But, there is still lots of warm Summer and Fall weather left. So you can get out there to your favorite Lake, River or Delta hot spot.

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Cal Delta Striped Bass
Bass Fishing

Where Did All The Fish Go?

Where did all the fish go?  This is my third trip out to the Delta over the past two weeks.  And it seems like the Large Mouth Bass and Striped Bass left and went on vacation. The bite has been tough, normally in mid to late summer I am rocking

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