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“Cape Cod Canal Striper Blitz”

Cape Cod Canal Striper Blitz is simply amazing to see in person but since I can’t be there to witness it this video will have to do. On the West Coast when we see Striped Bass hitting the surface we call it a “Striper Boil”. Back on the East Coast

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California Delta

“Topwater Striper fishing”

Topwater Striper fishing on calm, no wind Day, Crushed em! Fishing is such a funny game we fishermen play, sometimes when the conditions look perfect.  You just know you are gonna catch every fish in the area and you get nothing. Then there are days like today when you get

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Bass Fishing

“River2Sea Rover 98 lure”

River2Sea Rover 98 lure has helped me finally start catching some Stripers consistently this year. Every since I posted about using the Slurp technique to catch the first wave of small Striped Bass. I have not only successfully landed more boiling Stripers going with the smaller lures recommended in the

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