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“Duolock Snap Update”

A few posts ago I complained about my Duolock Snap popping open and that I was done using them for Topwater lures.

Not so fast grasshopper I have been doing hours of research and found out a few things after talking to guys at the tackle stores and searching online.

Duolock Snap Update

1. My original Snaps were too small and weak. 20# rating (1st snap in photos on left side).

2. I needed to get bigger higher poundaged rated snaps (Middle 2 snaps are 40# and 50# rated snaps)

3. My online searching led me to the “Tactical Anglers snaps”. They look like paper clips, they come in 4 sizes and have ratings of 50#, 75#, 125#, and 150#.

I got the 75# size because I wasn’t sure how big they would be but as you can see in the photo they are small size wise.

Will put all 3 new snaps to work this weekend and update yall later.

For now it’s Duolock Snap Max and Tactical Anglers Snap testing time.


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