It’s About To Go Down

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“It’s About To Go Down”

To mimic the words from comic Kevin Hart, Yep, “it’s about to go down” and if ya not ready ya gonna miss out.

I know, What’s he talking about now?

It’s already happening right now so you need to get ready.  Are you ready?

What’s about to go down?

The Large Mouth Bass spawn that’s what’s about to go down.  Large Mouth Bass are about to start moving up to their spring time staging areas.  Yeah I know it’s the end of December/early January but what are you waiting for?  The Bass are already being caught on beds in Florida, bet you didn’t know that now did ya?

Now is the time to look at your fishing tackle, read a few articles about how to catch spawning bass, hit up the ICast show and buy that lure or two you were looking at last year, etc. etc.

You may not know it but the seasonal changes are already happening.  December 21st  2016 was the winter solstice (i.e. shortest period of daylight for the year).  Which means each day going forward will start getting longer meaning you will have longer days to fish.  It’s about to go down.

Yes, the weather is still cold but the bass are making plans to head to their spawning areas.  Even if you are not.  Florida Bass fishermen are already catching Bass on beds spawning.  Bass in California and other warm winter states are about to follow their fellow Florida Bass.

And then they’ll move up into their staging areas and then onto their spawning grounds in the next few weeks.

It’s about to go down

Now is the time to make sure your rods and reels are ready.  Now is the time to make sure you have the lures and other tackle you want to use to catch those first of the year Bass.

It’s widely known that the largest Bass often spawn early in the year.  Not that you won’t get big fish throughout the multi-month spawning season, it’s just that some of the really big girls spawn first.

I have watched the calendar like a hawk the past few years like I did this morning, logging in my day planner and phone what days the Full Moon and New Moons will arrive in 2017.


Because these are the days when Bass often spawn, those are the days when you can walk along the shore line and see monster sized Bass locked on newly laid eggs.

If you pay attention while fishing on the days leading up to and right after the Full Moon or New Moon during the February to June time frames.

spawning bass it's about to go down
Spawning bass on chart-white worm

You increase your chances of seeing some truly big Bass sitting on beds protecting their newly laid baby Bass eggs.  Shoreline anglers are not the only ones to see this boat anglers can go wild once they get into certain areas the shoreline guys can’t get to.

“It’s about to go down”

So get ready if you’ve never done what’s known as “sight fishing” for large Mouth Bass.  It will get you hooked quickly on Bass fishing believe me I know, been there, done that.

With sight fishing there are only a few rules most fishermen go by which you should consider as well.   1) Once you catch your Bass and lift then out of the water, quickly get your weight, photos and release them back into the water.

2) If you accidentally kill one of the fish you catch, give it away or take it home. Don’t toss it back into the water.   I hate to see dead fish floating in the water because some one was careless.

3) Be mindful of the other fishermen around you and don’t crowd up on them if they are fishing an area with beds on it.  Remember that there are beds all over the area you are in.  Once one Bass starts spawning.  Others are probably doing the same.  Move on and find those other fish unless you are invited to fish the same area.

There are a few more unspoken rules so just use common sense and be respectful of your fellow anglers.

The whole point of this post is just to give you a heads up to what is ahead of us all after the New Years’ celebrations are done. Get over that hangover quickly.  Drink some coffee and get to checking that fishing gear of yours so you are ready son.

Get ready cuz, it’s about to go down.

I will follow up with some of the lures I’ve used to land some nice six and seven pound Large Mouth Bass off of beds over the past few years.  For now start getting yourself ready.  Remember you should always be enjoying the season you are in but preparing for the coming season.

That way you can keep catching fish year round no matter which season you are in at the moment.



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