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Large Mouth Bass Pre-Spawn Fishing

Winter Large Mouth Bass Pre-spawn fishing has started in some parts of the country. A few days ago I put up a post about getting ready for the coming 2017 Bass spawning season.  Now I’m sure a few of you may have rolled your eyes and said yeah right.

But as I mentioned before you need to start preparing for the Bass spawning season during the Winter months so you are ready to go.  The Winter to pre-spawn Bass period is underway.  Don’t be fooled by the cold weather outside.  The Bass have already started or will start their annual spawning ritual soon.

If you live in a place that does not get too cold in the Winter like in California.  The Bass begin to spawn early in the year compared to other much colder states.  In the California Delta and surrounding Northern California lakes you will see increased activity in late January, Texas and Florida anglers are already seeing and catching pre-spawn and spawning Bass.  I know that’s crazy that on Jan 2nd 2017 and guys are already catching Large Mouth Bass.

Large Mouth Bass Pre-Spawn Fishing

Here is proof that you need to get off your Butt and start getting your gear ready.  Here is a video from some of the guys on Lake Fork in Texas doing some Large Mouth Bass Pre-Spawn Fishing. These gusy are already catching staging and pre-spawn Large Mouth Bass.  Enjoy

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