Large Mouth Bass

California Delta large Mouth Bass

Introduced into California from Quincy, Illinois, into Lake Cuyamaca ( San Diego County ) in 1891, Large Mouth Bass are now found throughout California.

There are two subspecies of Bass that are located in California, the northern subspecies, M. s. salmoides, and the Florida subspecies, M. s. floridanus.

The Florida strain Large Mouth Bass were introduced into Southern California in 1959 and all California Large Mouth Bass Anglers are thanking whoever made that decide years ago every day.

Adding Florida strained Large Mouth Bass into California waters with its’ mild climate, abundant bait fish food sources and long warm seasons year after year has led to a significant increase in the number of trophy-sized Bass being caught almost every week.

The size and frequently of trophy sized Large Mouth Bass has garnered nation wide public attention from anglers and has caused the California Delta and many other California freshwater lakes to be added to every fishermans’ bucket list.

It’s not uncommon for California angers to catch Large Mouth Bass up to 10 pounds and larger in the Delta and other freshwater lakes in California.

In fact when you look at the list of the largest Large Mouth Bass caught in the U.S., 21 of those Large Mouth Bass are from California waters. Along those same lines on March 5th 1991 an angler from Southern California caught the largest Bass in California.

Southern California angler Michael Arujo managed to catch the Largest Bass ever caught in California with his record setting Large Mouth Bass weighing 21 pound 12 ounce using a lure while fishing at Castaic Lake, in Los Angeles County in 1991.


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