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“Smack-it Saltwater Striper Fishing lure”

Smack-it Saltwater Striper Fishing lureJust got my latest top water popper fishing lure in the mail from Still Water lures “Smack-it Saltwater Striper Fishing lure”.  Yeah, I am going a little crazy the last 2 years with my collection of Saltwater lures.

But I grew up on the East Coast by the Atlantic Ocean.  So I guess I’m bringing some of the East Coast methods out to the Left Coast.

These Smack-it lures are very popular back East and catch a lot of Stripers for Surf fishermen.

Smack-it Saltwater Striper Fishing lure

They come in two sizes, a 5″ 1 1/4 oz version and a 3 3/4″ .75 oz. And you can get them in Holographic colors and classic colors.

The color selections look really good, but be warned in advance if you decide to buy one. Get em quick, the guys back East buy a lot of these lures.

Especially during the fall Striper season.

The first time I checked them out the company was fully stocked. By the time I purchased my two, they have sold out several colors.

I brought two of the 5″ versions and I changed out the 3x Saltwater hooks to Owner 1/0, 3x strong treble hooks and I retied the feathers onto the tail hooks.

These Smack-it Saltwater Striper Fishing lure poppers are recommended for use when Striper fishing shallow water flats, bays, rivers, etc. Sounds like Delta waters to me.  But, don’t limit the use of these lures to shallow water only, use them where ever you find Stripers.

Gonna put them to good use this week and I will follow up.


UPDATE: 11-02-16
Managed to get out to the Delta for a few hours and landed a few Stripers. Smack-it popper drew in a lot of swirls and missed hits but got a few Stripers on it.

Will definitely use this lure more in the future.

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