Striped Bass

California Delta Striped BassThere are many interesting facts floating around about the Striped Bass in the California Delta but, one of the most interesting is the fact that there originally were NO Striped Bass in California in 1878.

In 1879, 132 small Striped Bass were brought to California via train from the Navesink River in New Jersey and released near the city of Martinez in Northern California.

This initial batch of Striped Bass quickly populated various areas along the West coast of California and within the Delta and many were being quickly caught within a year.

Concerned that the initial 132 Stripers released in 1879 may not fully establish a Strong presence in California state officials had a second shipment of 300 Stripers brought to California and released into the Lower Suison Bay in 1882.

Within 20 years (1899 ) of their introduction into the California Delta over a million pounds of Striped Bass were being caught yearly by commercial fisherman.

Then in an effort to enhance the sport of catching Striped Bass in the California Delta all commercial fishing for Striped Bass was banned in 1935.

Striper Fishing in the Delta and the local waters near the California Delta has resulted in some really big Stripers being caught every year.

The overall size and numbers of large Stripers are not as big as the Stripers caught on the East Coast but, there have been some really big fish caught here in California. The current record for Striped Bass in California was weighed in at 67 pounds 8 ounces by Hank Ferguson, at O’Neill Forebay on May 7th, 1992 using a fishing lure.

Today Striped Bass are present throughout the California Delta and just about all of the major rivers throughout the Sacramento region and they can even be found in several freshwater lakes in the state of California.



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