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“Stripers Wearing Out 20 lb Monofilament Line”

I’ve been fishing for Striped Bass hard the past month and these Stripers wearing out 20 lb Monofilament line on my baitcasting reel.

Actually I think it’s the fact that I’ve made a few thousand casts that actually wore out that 20 lb line.

It’s sucks because if I had hooked into a Striper with that kink in my line . . .

Man, my lure would have been GONE.

I didn’t know what was going on until I realized I had . . .

Stripers Wearing Out 20 lb Monofilament Line

I like to use Power Pro braided line on most of my Baitcasting Reels when using topwater lures for Stripers.

But, I also like the way Monofilament line casts and feels during the retrieve.

I found that kink in my line right after a 40 to 50 yard cast and saw a strange shape in my line during my retrieve.

Thing is if I had ignored that line kink and lost a lure, I would only have myself to blame.

I am gonna change out the entire spool in a few minutes but, I wanted to pass on this message to yall first.

Yes fishing line can be expensive but fishing lures cost more. Be smart and change your line when you find kinks or nicks in your line.

That is 20 lb Berkley Big Game Monofilament line that could have snapped fighting a 1 lb Striper.  I have gone back and forth when it comes to using monofilament line for Stripers.  But its hard to beat not using it at times.  Yes I use Braid but sometimes I just like the way certain lures feel when working Top water lures.  So for that reason alone I keep using Monofilament line just about every week when I go Striper fishing.

As I mentioned a few lines ago, replacing fishing line can get expensive over time but loosing a trophy bass will cost you more even if you’ve got Stripers Wearing Out 20 lb Monofilament Line.

If your line needs to be replaced, give in and replace it.

Not worth the risk, change out that line.


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